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Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

industry 4.0, also known as the forth industrial revolution, describes the last trend of industrial automation: communication among productive systems and process real time adaptation based on advanced big data analysis.

Recent market analysis demonstrate that manufacturing factories that want to remain competitive on a global scale have to invest and adopt industry 4.0 technology.
Italy has a specific incentive plan reserved for company that want to renew their machines with industry 4.0 technology. Most of other states have it as well.

S.E.I. srl can lead your company in this innovation process, analyzing the current production plan and machines, choosing the best technology for your specific application, designing and implementing ad-hoc solutions tailored to improve your manufacturing process.

S.E.I. srl has a wide range expertise in the manufacturing sector: iron and steel, automotive, textile, pulp and paper, plastic and chemistry industry are example where S.E.I. srl can apply its expertise helping your company to grow and stay on top of the current innovation.